It is about your life - your purpose

What is KPowa?

KPowa is a browser based app to use on your mobile. In KPowa there are combinations of clever exercises and personal assessment and goal setting processes to enhance your life.

Some exercises take as little as 30 seconds and most can be completed anywhere; on the bus or train, at work or in any social setting. These simple exercises, taking only a few minutes a day, will develop and refine your natural skills of observation, communication and thinking.

Like using a good fitness programme for physical improvement using KPowa will supercharge your natural mental abilities.

It’s simple, open KPowa, follow a short instruction, complete the exercise and record your results with a tap. View your scores and see your confidence grow.

It’s interesting, easy and effective; how does that sound?

KPowa is the unique app that can make a long term difference to your life on a daily basis.

Your life, your desires, your future are at the centre of your KPowa experience and at the heart of what we do.