It is about your life - your purpose


Born from the original NLP science

We, the creators of KPowa, learnt our NLP over 35 years ago when courses were over 21 days long spread over 6 months. If you were serious about NLP you were signing up to a 3 year programme of study and practice before you even thought of yourself as competent.

And if you weren’t good enough you didn’t pass; no cigar, no certificate, it was tough!

During the following decades we went on to run similar long trainings and watched with some dismay as over the years the marketing of NLP changed with the certification criteria for NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner changing as well. This change was painful to watch as the promise NLP had for mankind as a whole changed to a tool for an individual’s own personal success; it is that in part but it offers so much more. We saw it as although people were getting great teaching around NLP processes they were also being robbed of something more profound and powerful. However, in this modern world where everything has to be instant who wants to learn about haute cuisine when you can have a McDonalds franchise supplying to a hungry marketplace who loves your fast food.

BUT if you are doing NLP in the modern idiom DON’T STOP – it works for people, it provides a real need, and with hundreds of thousands across the globe participating it provides a great stepping stone to use NLP to create an even better world. And KPowa is here to support you.

Studying the original NLP literature shows that modern NLP is not teaching NLP, it is teaching NLP processes sprinkled with a scattering of NLP science. The great news for everybody and the world is that the processes work!

KPowa NLP comes from realisations we have had as we have looked at life and NLP over the decades; an observation of the human condition over a period of great change and challenge.

KPowa offers two things Firstly a chance for NLPers to develop more exquisite skills than can gained in a modern short NLP course and we suggest KPowa is used alongside modern courses; trainers can have full control over this. It can be a bonus for any prospective participant. Secondly KPowa has been designed for anybody to use to develop mental thinking and communication skills without the need to go on a course. People who take this route are very likely to want to take an NLP course after experiencing the power of KPowa.