Change your life in three weeks

Achieve confidence, plan without stress, finish work on time, be happy presenting and talking publicly, make the best decisions

Specifically designed by a student


Explains how students learn and provides ways to have them learn faster and better.


Helps learning vast amounts of information, planning work loads and handling exam stress.


Enhances confidence, man management, efficiency and career planning.

Special Education

Gives a unique and practical insight into the mental workings of special needs students plus an ability to get unique  behaviour changing communication with those students

Social Work

Helps the social work need for exceptional communication skills and the ability to see events and understand another person’s perspective.


By knowing how you think you can be in the best position to pass those abilities on to your children. One of the best areas KPowa can make a difference to future generations.

Therapy & Coaching

By adding extra skills and understanding KPowa takes to a new level the science behind it used for decades in therapy and coaching.


KPowa helps have the right mental attitude to fitness and the weight or battling illness and also results in a better balanced physiology.


The KPowa science was used by the 1988 USA Olympic diving team. Thousands of athletes have now used it to improve their performance.

Specific K-Powa Team Interests


Depression is a huge problem in  today’s world. Using KPowa’s model can help understand the depression process and provide change solutions.


KPowa is so effective in achieving communication with unusual mental patterns that KPowa for parents of autistic children is being developed.

Generation Alpha

Those who were born in the new millenium will love the KPowa concept and its fresh approach. This generation can change the world and KPowa can be part of that.