The Premise Behind KPowa

Everybody has a brain, 7lbs of semolina consistency grey matter. Have a stroke, have a hard blow to the skull, poison it with chemicals and our behaviour changes, sometimes never returning to normal.

Lose your ability to talk through a stroke and through exercises another part of the brain learns the patterns to have you talk again.

We are our brains. Our brains content, memories, abilities, skills, beliefs, values are the result of our life’s experience. Yet we go through life without questioning who we are at this level. We pull ideas out of our brains when we state who we are. We do not take the whole brain processing and its memories as who we are.

If we as individuals have questions about ourselves, am I good enough, why aren’t I successful, why do I find work so difficult, why can’t I find a partner the answer is not in the glib responses others may give us but in the way our brains are programmed by our life experience.

The KPowa project comes from experiencing participants on our courses becoming more confident, their voices sounded more rounded, they moved more elegantly and even their skin and muscle tone improved; they became more of who their natural potential promised.

These changes took place quite naturally. The participant didn’t have to practice them or remember to act out the changes. Friends would say they were different and ask what they had done. The participant could only reply that they had been on a course.

However, the course did not teach these things. It did not tell them how they should be or act to be a more complete person, didn’t even offer these changes in the course’s advertising blurb.

It took some time to realise what was making the difference. Because the course was teaching communication skills and a model of thinking that could be used to change specific behaviours or to influence or motivate others the results of the course were measured in those terms plus one other element.

That element was that although to pass the course you had to have retained the knowledge and have built some skills nobody was awarded a certificate if they did not appear congruent.

As a young secondary school teacher I used a congruency test as pupils entered my classroom. I made note of any child who didn’t look happy, ready to learn in a good state for participating in the classroom. Those who didn’t have this I would pay particular attention to, without other children noticing, to address what might be going on with them. It could be home problems, bullying, lack of confidence, fear of failure, any number of issues. This was especially so as the school had an intake from one of the poorest parts of London.

It took many years before we realised what was happening to make course participants so much more congruent as human beings.

The answer had to be at a level that the human mind works. Whenever thinking takes place the mind creates images, sounds, words and feelings. It can even recover tastes and smells.

Back in the seventies research found that three of the worlds leading therapists in diverse fields were actually using very similar, possibly the same language patterns. And of course the language had in it content refered to in images/pictures, words, feelings etc.

The language patterns were documented and became a science/model of mental thinking and communication.  The courses we ran were based on this model.

The courses contained lots of exercises, each based on a small part of the brain function in the model.

Every human being has taken a particular slither of each part of the model and the combination of all the slithers make them who they are.  This could be as simple as the length of sentences they prefer or the size of pictures they make in their heads or the high or low pitch of their voice.

By practicing the full range of slithers many times the human brain becomes more flexible. It is not now limited to just one.

This flexibility is an essential part of getting rapport with another person at a physical level as well as at a language level.

By covering all parts of the model from experiencing feelings, the structure of time to the structure of sentences the brain recovers the flexibilty it was born with.

The participant’s unconscious chooses the particular slithers that match their values and beliefs and that work for them in everyday living.

Having gone through this learning the participant will be able to recognise the brain set ups in other people. That is when they want to notice it, the rest of the time they can just be in the moment and have enjoyable life experiences.

The knowledge gained will give insights into how humans are good at letting incompetent peole get into positions of power, politicians, CEOs ignoring climate change, religious leaders creating havoc, kids shooting their fellow school students etc.

KPowa is designed to help individuals achieve the potential they were born with and become the humans their births promised.

Becoming more than just be the result of the lifelong influence of parents, society, education etc that has created their lives so far.