Best NLP Marketplace Facts


NLP is over 45 years old. The NLP marketplace  has been established over decades, it is global and growing.

The Calm app shows how people worldwide are more than ever seeking personal help, support and answers in a very challenging world.

Canadian clinical psychologist and web sensation Jordan Peterson’s ability to attract millions of followers demonstrates the modern young person’s need for life answers.

The NLP App’s usp is that while it offers the present NLP marketplace a unique tool it also offers a new approach to personal development for anybody. They can do the exercises and see the changes in their skills and confidence.

The NLP App has at its core the original NLP philosophy, an attitude and methodology that led to a trail of techniques. But the NLP App has an extra level of human understanding that takes it beyond the modern NLP community’s model of NLP established over the past twenty years.

Modern NLP trainings are cleverly marketed and sell the resulting powerful techniques and processes created from the NLP science. Over 2,000 companies sell NLP courses around the globe turning out thousands of individuals interested in NLP. These trainings provide good results and happy customers delivering what they are selling.

These global NLP suppliers are in our marketing strategy so we wholeheartedly support what they do. And we can help move their quality to another level, we can use them to get The NLP App message to the world.

On the internet there are many so called NLP apps who may appear to be our competition. But they are mainly repositories of information, pages of words taken from printed NLP manuals. The NLP App is different. It has interactive exercises, most needing the user to observe or interact with another person in real time, offering real-time context learning. And, of course’ it includes a 180 page NLP manual.

We believe our format is completey unique in the NLP field. The app gives the user an experience previously only available in the classroom on the original 21+ day six month, courses, and yet it can be done while standing in a queue at a supermarket checkout! Just like using your phone to answer text messages the-nlp-app matches modern life.

The NLP App can be marketed to NLP trainers who can integrate it with their own courses offering their customers an extra benefit which should boost their sales. 

We have researched 700+ companies offering NLP practitioner training in just a third of the global marketplace.

  • The NLP App can be marketed to certificated NLPers who want to improve their skills. Skills that cannot be developed in a short course.

  • The NLP App can be marketed to NLPers who want to be supported with an out-of-the-box approach to NLP and life, something more than standard courses.

  • The NLP App can be marketed to people who have never heard of NLP but want to improve their lives.

The NLP App satisfies the personal human need for knowledge, success and enlightenment. Targets and scores helps to engage the user long-term and keep them as a customer. The NLP App also has extra features that offer the user a more rewarding experience.

The NLP App will be sold as a monthly subscription.

Calm app has four million users paying $14pm, Jordan Peterson has 3.4m YouTube followers. But with low set-up and running costs the NLP App needs only a few hundred users to be financially viable; but the marketplace is global.

We hope you love this concept as much as we do!