KPowa Business Core Facts

The Calm app shows how people worldwide, especially millenials, are looking for personal help, support and answers to life in a very challenged world

Canadian clinical psychologist and web sensation Jordan Peterson’s ability to attract millions of followers demonstrates the modern individual’s need for life answers.

The NLP ability to get results  has been established over decades, the NLP marketplace is global and growing

KPowa’s usp is that it offers a new approach to personal development and to personal and human behaviour understanding.

KPowa is designed for use on mobiles with exercises that can be done very qiuickly

KPowa has at its core the original NLP discoveries and the model that followed. This is generally left out of modern NLP trainings.

KPowa can be sold to people who have never heard of NLP but want to improve their lives

KPowa offers a process with targets helping to engage the user long term

KPowa can be sold as a monthly subscription.

Calm app 4million users $14pm, Jordan Peterson 20m YouTube followers.

KPowa is designed to need only a small team to manage it